Travel Guide for Singapore

Over the years, Singapore has grown to be one of the top international holiday destinations in Asia. It is a nation city with the perfect balance of technological, cultural, artistic and natural attractions. It is a great city to visit as a family, a couple, or even solo - there is something for everyone - only the historically-inclined visitor in search of ancient ruins and architecture might find something missing.

Once here, visitors will find that Singaporeans have a great love for a good life - there is no dearth of places to visit, things to do, or special experiences. The city is beautifully designed to have greenery integrated in many parts of the city. Nature is celebrated here!

Yes, there is a city skyline and a famous one lined with iconic creations, but it also has the famous Gardens by the Bay! Venture about and you will find many more green spaces including one at the newly-redesigned Changi International Airport. The most famous green space remains the UNESCO listed Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Nature aside, you will find that Singapore is a top international holiday destination for shopping enthusiasts as well - courtesy the famous Orchard Road and traditional shopping markets, where you can shop for quirky goods, electronics, designer wear and much more.

Foodies will find numerous eating joints at just about every neighbourhood. With the nation being a potpourri of four different cultures - Malay, Singaporean, Indian, and Chinese - there is a lot of variety in terms of cuisines and delicacies. You can even dine at the cheapest Michelin Star outlet here - as Singapore is home to one of the rare Michelin Star Hawker Stalls.

An entire island devoted to resorts - Sentosa Island; water parks in even those attractions that are not dedicated water parts; and an excellent public transport system that lets you get from one point to another in comfort - all combine to further enhance the value of Singapore as a top international holiday destination.

Did you know?

    • Singapore is the only city state in the world to have over 60 islands in addition to the main land; most of these islands are uninhabited.
    • There are more species of trees in Singapore's Bukit Timah Nature Reserve alone, than in the entire North American continent.
    • Singapore has Four Official Languages - English, Malay, Chinese & Tamil. Malay is the national language; English is widely spoken making it easier for visitors to communicate and enjoy their holiday.
    • Despite being one of the youngest nations in the world, Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced and has a number of firsts to its name - the World's First Night Zoo, the First Man-made Waterfall at the Jurong Bird Park, which retains the Tallest Waterfall in an Aviary title to-date.
    • Singapore also has the Tallest Indoor Waterfall in the World at the Cloud Forest, Garden of the Bay.
    • Singapore is home to the Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant - a Hawker Stall - Hawker Chan with dishes at as low as 1.50 USD.

Important Singapore Laws for tourists:

  • Durian Fruit is banned on the MRT, public transports, and majority of the hotels due to its strong odour.
  • Chewing Gum is banned for all but medical purposes and requires a prescription if you wish to buy it. Even if you bring it with yourself when entering Singapore, Customs officials can confiscate it, especially if it is more than 2 packets. Even these need to be for medical purposes.
  • Chewing of Gums is banned in the MRT and can attract a heavy fine
  • Littering and even spitting is banned and can attract a fine. Repeat offenders have to part with their money as well as serve a community service - A Corrective Work Order of 3 hours that includes cleaning a public area while wearing a bib that says "I am a litterer".
  • Vandalism to public and private properties attracts a corporal punishment of 3 - 8 strokes of caning. Police officials are specially trained to administer these canings; each blow is at a speed of 160 km/hour to produce a force on impact of at least 90 kg. It is very painful.
  • Drug abuse is not tolerated; even if you take drugs before entering the country and are suspected of it, you can be arrested.
  • Singing an obscene or vulgar song in public is illegal and can result in 3 month imprisonment or a fine - or both.
  • Connecting to another person's Wi-Fi even if it is not secured can result in a hefty penalty of $10,000, 3 years in Jail, or both
  • Uploading or downloading of music is prohibited
  • Love feeding birds - head to the Jurong Bird Park. But under no circumstance should you feed pigeons - unless you want to pay a fine of $500 for each incident.
  • Used a public toilet and refrained from flushing it? Random checks are done by police. Get ready to part with a $500 Fine for every instance.
  • Smoking in public is punishable by law
  • Spitting in restaurants, markets, or any public area will cost you dearly - you can be fined up to $1000 for this offence.
  • Public Display of Affection, or PDA for short, is frowned upon
  • Consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in the MRT trains