Travel Guide for Chiang Mai

This Chiang Mai travel guide guides you through the top places to visit in Chiang Mai while on a holiday in Chiang Mai.

A laid-back Thai town with an expanding music scene, a traditional city centre, and lush greenery all around, Chiang Mai is a city of contrasts. It might be the largest city in North Island, it might be a city that was once a kingdom's capital, but in essence, it is more of a holiday town with many an interesting prospects for a wonderful, rejuvenating holiday.

It offers a welcome break from the party craziness of Pattaya and the endless traffic of Bangkok, and offers instead a real experience of Thailand. Wander the old town, visit the temples, pray with the monks, and in the evening, return to your hotel or explore the wonderful night markets of Chiang Mai.

Enjoy Segway tours and feel rejuvenated after excellent Thai massages, and when in a mood for adventure, simply hop on to a car or sign up for a trekking tour to the neighbouring countryside, with its lush foliage, elephant sanctuaries and stunning waterfalls.

Refer to this Chiang Mai travel guide to plan your holiday itinerary - shortlist the places to visit in Chiang Mai and choose your hotels as well.