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Being a desert city and one given to technological innovations and architectural achievements, Dubai has left no stone unturned to entertain visitors from across the world. There is little that this city does not have - if it does not have naturally, it creates and develops it to make the world pay attention, take notice and travel to Dubai to experience the wonders.

It is with this mindset that Dubai has gone on to create some of the most stunning wonderlands for nature lovers. This Travel Guide to Dubai introduces you to the best experiences that await you in Dubai. Get to know the places that you can visit in Dubai and learn where you can stay to make the most of your holiday tour in Dubai.

There is lot to see, do and experience in Dubai - so we have divided this travel guide to Dubai into several portions - with lists of the Top 10s - right from The Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai and the Top 10 Experiences in Dubai to the Top 10 Hotels in Dubai in each category.

One important section that every visitor to Dubai must read is the Important Laws in Dubai for Tourists. As a city in the Emirates, the city of Dubai has a very conservative approach to life and many things that is taken for granted across the world is a crime here. So do read up the laws and ensure you remember them while you enjoy your holiday tour in Dubai.