Travel Guide for Phuket

This Travel guide for Phuket introduces you to all the special experiences of Phuket, the places that you can visit in this island and all other facts that can make your holiday tour in Phuket a memorable experience.

The largest island of Thailand, Phuket is a destination par-excellence with something for everyone. This is one Thai island, where visitors of all ages and interests can get together for a holiday unlike any other.

Exquisite beaches with warm white sands teased by the fleeting waters of the azure Andaman Sea tempt you to a beach break; the oceanic expanse lures you to don your diving suits and enjoy snorkelling and deep sea diving; and the stunning vistas of gigantic cliffs standing like sentinels of a fort in emerald green costumes, just off the coast, dare you to set off on a sail or a boat to explore the seas, around the cliffs and right through their openings!

Venture in to the interiors of the island, and Phuket is a complete contrast - crowded streets with tuk-tuks and buses, an old town with beautiful architecture and many historic temples and lots and lots of shops to tinker around, browse through and bargain a deal. This being Thailand, nightlife rocks here and is scintillating, to say the least.

Experiences abound with nightclubs and cabarets, family friendly shows and shopping arenas, beaches and fantastic viewpoints as well as special attractions - all vying for your attention. All that you need to do is book your holiday tour in Phuket and get packing.